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Set of 3 posters

Size: 50 × 70 cm

The set of 3 limited editions hand-numbered and signed posters. Edition of 10 sets.

High-quality UV printing on heavy photo paper with a thin layer of matt varnish to protect the poster from fingerprints.

Posters are rolled in branding cardboard mailing tubes for safe delivery. 

When I moved from Russia to Denmark, I realized what it means to be an alien. It was the start of my painter’s career, that is why my artist’s name is Elen Alien.
 “Mirror of the soul” is a set of 117 canvases 10x10cm in size, which was made for “Embracing our differences” awards in 2020. To illustrate these differences I took 58 black and 59 white canvas, laid them down staggered, and painted eyes of people of various ages, orientations, gender, and nationality on them. Eyes are the subject of my artwork because eyes are the mirror of the soul, and the soul has no color.
 I took one canvas after another to paint an eye on it and put it back to the panel, gradually washing out the difference between black and white canvases because you cannot see the color of canvas under the acrylic coat. To emphasize that every person is valuable I added some decorations and glossy finish on each painting to make them look like small treasures.
 Each piece is important for this panel as every person is important for our World, and this artwork’s glory is in its diversity.
 An advantage of this format of the large work consists of several small works is that you can change the form according to your needs because each eye is just a 10x10 cm module. For instance, you can reach the wide of your bed or console to make it suitable for your interior, or place several pieces separately in unexpected tight places, for example -  between windows.

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