My overall objective in art is a human. Watching my artworks means diving deep into yourself, and find the courage to take them and enjoy their beauty. My approach in choosing materials is not to multiply what already exists. Therefore, I work with materials recycled from existing things, thereby creating something new and meaningful. My art is my religion and my philosophy. It is my way of knowing myself and the World around me, my connection with nature, and a reminder of what is important."




Elen Alien is an artist, born in Ukraine in 1990. Her artistic journey began at age 5-year in Novokuznetsk, Russia. Having successfully graduated from "The art school #2" and won many painting awards as a child, she went on to complete a degree in architecture in Novosibirsk, where started her interior design career and set up her first group exhibition where her oil paintings were presented.

After graduation, she moved to Moscow and started her first oshibana (pressed flower craft) series of works in 2014. From 2015 she was combining work in studios with leading her own design projects, rethinking herself in art, gathering experience in connected areas.

After a decade dedicated to interior design, in 2020  she moved to Copenhagen, Denmark, where renewed her art practice. Feeling foreign in the art world and in the new country, she decided to take an artistic name Elen Alien. Being in Scandinavian ambiance, she found her interest in mixed media based on sustainable materials combined with paints and petals.

Currently, she lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Elen Alien experiments with sustainable materials (petals, recycled paper, reused cardboard, and house-waste), resin, acrylic, and oil paints

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