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Size: 40 × 40 cm

Limited edition of 10 hand-numbered and signed posters.
High-quality UV printing on heavy photo paper with a thin layer of matt varnish to protect the poster from fingerprints.
Posters are rolled in branding cardboard mailing tubes for safe delivery. 


People are different, their bodies are unique initially and life adds extra footprints on them with time. It is hard for many to accept imperfections like scars. People prefer to hide them to match accepted standards of beauty, but in this process, they erase a piece of their story, an integral part of the personality. As a result, the dissonance between body and soul appears as well as the dissonance between who we are and who we seem to be. The body is painted upon the old textured abstract canvas, which was thrown away because several holes appeared. The idea of “Holy skin" creation was born when I saw that canvas in trash. People considered damaged canvas useless and threw it away. The same approach is if something appears on the body, people don’t want to accept it and to show it. Through this artwork, I propose to show all hidden imperfections directly and suppose that people's beauty is in their identity. We are units of energy having strength in our self-acceptance. By understanding this, everyone can discover his or her own freedom. This canvas shows that even holes can add an old canvas to its value. Because having no holes and history this canvas will have no difference from many other woman depictions. The same is with the human body

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