MONO NO AWARE in Brännkyrka church


solo art show in Brännkyrka churh,

Götalandsvägen 189-193, 125 35 Älvsjö

June 12 – August 6, 2022

In Japanese culture “mono no aware” means sadness about the impermanence of life, which people can experience by watching falling Sakura petals. An artist Elen Alien created a series of sculptures from Sakura petals collected on Kungsträdgården to make people feel the sadness about the impermanence of life to value the current moment more.

In an abstract drawing woven from petals, there is a frozen moment of perception, and contemplation of the falling leaves of Sakura. An experience fixed in a material object in an attempt to preserve an elusive beauty protected from the barbaric intrusion of technologies and virtualities. A direct encounter with the material pattern of nature immerses the viewer in meditative reflections on the value of a fleeting moment and gives time and silence to search for stable support within oneself, especially relevant now, in a rapidly changing reality, an unimaginable mixture of concepts, events, aesthetics, and politics. The meditative effect will be enhanced by the сoncert of shakuhachi music " Sound of the Wind", performed by Tamara Rogozina during the vernissage.

The artworks are transparent, mirrored, and fundamentally tuned to the tone of the environment and the audience's empathy. 7 wall sculptures created in the author’s technique will interact with the church’s interior and exterior to enhance the project’s idea and show the world through the “mono no aware” perspective. The viewer will be also able to see himself/herself in the 8th artwork. Through the structural correlation of objects with the surrounding space and directly with the viewer, the author abstracts and emphasizes the fundamental correlativity of the universe: people, nature, and objects are actors in the processes of life and death, which in one way or another influence the whole world.

Photo: Badykov Ruslan


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