KOBE 6 “Untitled”

I am thrilled to take you on a virtual journey through the remarkable Kobe 6 "Untitled" exhibition, curated by the talented Matthew Thompson. Join me as we relive the unforgettable experience that unfolded on May 6th, 2023, at Melahuset in Oslo.


The Kobe 6 "Untitled" exhibition was a true celebration of artistic diversity, bringing together a remarkable group of artists. Alongside me, fellow creative minds such as Artbyespeb, Edmond Yang, Pica Pau, MeyJey, Rii, Abi Qadar, Aurora Aven, and Ida Angelica showcased their captivating creations. The exhibition hall was transformed into a vibrant tapestry of colors, shapes, and emotions.

A Feast for the Senses: Stepping into the gallery, visitors were immediately immersed in a world where visual art harmoniously merged with other artistic forms. The diverse range of artworks on display sparked a myriad of emotions, captivating the senses and taking observers on an evocative journey. Each brushstroke and sculpture whispered a story, inviting viewers to engage in a dialogue with the pieces.

Accompanying the visual feast, Liav graced us with an enchanting music performance. The melodies flowed through the gallery space, intertwining with the artworks, and creating an ethereal ambiance. As I wandered among the exhibits, the music seemed to breathe life into the colors and forms, amplifying the emotional impact of the artwork.


The grand finale of the evening was a mesmerizing dance performance by Luba Olonkina. With grace and precision, the dancer's movements translated the energy and emotion captured within the artwork. It was a breathtaking visual spectacle that left us in awe, a powerful testament to the interconnectedness of artistic expression.


The Kobe 6 "Untitled" exhibition transcended the boundaries of a traditional art showcase. It became a space where conversations were ignited, emotions were stirred, and new perspectives were born. The seamless integration of visual art, music, and dance created an immersive experience that will forever linger in our memories. It was an extraordinary moment where art took on a life of its own.


I am honored to have been a part of the Kobe 6 "Untitled" exhibition, curated by the talented Matthew Thompson. This extraordinary event celebrated the richness of artistic diversity and touched the hearts of all who attended. As an artist, I am inspired by the fusion of different art forms and the profound impact it can have on our collective experience.


Stay tuned to my website for more updates on future exhibitions, artistic endeavors, and inspiring stories from my journey as an artist. Let us continue to embrace the power of creativity and the beauty it brings to our lives.


Thank you for joining me on this captivating journey through the Kobe 6 "Untitled" exhibition!

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