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The Garden of Transcendence


"The Garden of Transcendence" explores the post-human concept of 'expanding self.'

It is a collaborative effort, where I work alongside non-human actors - AI and Nature - to illuminate the interconnectedness of humanity, nature, and technology. 

AI-generated personalities - a collective representation of contemporary humanity.

It highlights connections and entanglements that define the relationship between humans and the environments they inhabit, both mentally and physically.

                    Hand-drawn sketch                                                AI-generated image                                                 Oil painting + dry plants                                      AI-generated animation

Motion symbolizes the constant transformation of today's humans through their ceaseless interactions with their surroundings, natural or digital.

AI, depicting the fluidity of our existence, has transformed this essence in canvases into moving images below.

"The Garden of Transcendence" is a 'phygital' project.

Each canvas has its digital twin - animation, taking on the form of NFTs in the virtual realm, and available in AR through the Instagram filter.

Through these diverse mediums and ideas, our team seeks to encapsulate the essence of our ever-evolving world and spark dialogues about the necessity of developing a new type of interaction.

Look forward to collaborating with gallerists, curators, and other art enthusiasts. 

Watch the interview to learn more about me and the ongoing project

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