wedding flowers preservation

Do you want to keep your wedding bouquet forever?

Have you ever thought of turning your flowers into a piece of art?
You will admire the painting daily, reviving your best memories. Its beauty will last forever, and you will be able to inherit it.

Just bring all your flowers to Elen Alien’s studio in the heart of Oslo until they are dry!
The artist invented her own way of creating stylish unusual artworks that can brighten not only the interior but the soul.

The size and color scheme of the artwork depends on the composition of the bouquet. You can trust artistic vision to get an abstract piece of art unleashing the potential of your flowers or implement something specific that you have in mind.

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Book a meeting in advance to avoid disappointment. Elen accepts a limited amount of bookings due to the number of flower presses. The offer is valid only in 2022.

+46 73 879 69 70


What my clients say



Fantastic work 

Here you have the genius who created a fantastic work of art from our wedding flowers! Much more fun to hang this beautiful painting than a dried bouquet on the wall.
Elen Alien's service is highly recommended!

Malin & Calle